Dissertation fellowship: purpose, expectation of this programs and Eligibility

Dissertation fellowship: purpose, expectation of this programs and Eligibility

The fellowship is concerned and intended to support doctoral students who are in a hurry to complete and fill the dissertation in one year. Every year, approx 200 ucla dissertation year fellowshipsare awarded to graduate the students of UCLA who are nominated for the scholarships by their different department.

Purpose of this fellowship

This type of programs is launched to support doctoral students who are familiar to a candidacy a during the time of nominating their different departments to their graduate division approx 200 fellowships awarded under this program yearly. Applicants of this fellowship should be written one year of completing and filing the dissertation and planning to teach or make researching appointments soon after the end of their dissertation fellowship year.

The expectation of this program.

Those who belong to this award recipient must complete their all degree’s requirements within 12 months beginning their dissertation fellowship, and they are supposed to submit their reports of their progress at the midpoint. If fellowships were failed to submit their progressing report by the given deadline date, it would result in the suspension of payment for subsequent terms and conditions.

A recipient they should register and enrolled themselves in at least 12 months during the academic year enrollment and registration is not required for summer payments. Awarding recipients start their degree in July and must have been registered and enrolled in the previous spring, and they must plan to register and enrollment in the following fall. If this, then their summer funding will be canceled, and it will be replaced.

These awards may not work more than 25% time.


These types of schemes or programs are opened to UCLA doctoral students in all fields of studies which: –

1. Are residents, internals citizen preeminent residents, international or registered California for the students of global finding in the subject to the eligibility of the fellowship are regarded to the type.

2. Officially means graduate division’s academic services have received ATC documents.

Award for this programmers’ participants level receives a 20000 stipend plus standard tuition fees these exclude non-residents supplemental tuition and professional degree supplemental tuition.


Find the deadline of application in your home department and the suggested deadline.

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